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Your guide to Estepona Golf

18 holes of peaceful Spanish countryside

Boasting stunning sea views from many areas of the course, Estepona Golf provides a fair test enjoyed by players of all standards. Renowned for our superb, consistent putting surfaces, the course features very strong par 3’s which include the difficult but beautiful 14th hole and its Sierra Bermeja mountain range backdrop.

Estepona Golf - Hole 1

Hole 1

Par 4
Stroke Index 1
390m • 366m • 306m

Good looking opening Par 4, slight dog leg downhill. You must keep your drive to the right of the bunker which will leave a short to mid iron in for your second off a flat lie. Longer hitters will be left with a short iron in off a sloping lie to a large green.

Note: Out of Bounds is to the right, and beyond the green. A drainage ditch runs down the left side of the hole (free drop without penalty).

Estepona Golf - Hole 2

Hole 2

Par 5
Stroke Index 13
440m • 430m • 380m

Long Par 5 with a large slope from left to right and a hazard running down the right side. Keeping the tee shot left will leave you with a long 2nd off a sloping lie to a large fairway lay up area. A short third shot is then played uphill to a well bunkered flat green. The green can be reached in two by the longer hitters, but this hole often plays into the wind.

Note: The hazard on the right side of the hole becomes out of bounds approximately 100 meters from the green.

Estepona Golf - Hole 3

Hole 3

Par 4
Stroke Index 7
380m • 375m • 355m

Stunning views from the tee across the course and out to sea. A very elevated tee area can turn this into a short Par 4, but played into the prevailing wind par is a good score. Club selection is key on the second shot, made harder by the fact that the green sits well below you. Though well bunkered, the putting surface is large and relatively flat.

Note: Out of Bounds runs all down the right hand side of the hole, whilst the left side is marked as a lateral hazard.

Estepona Golf - Hole 4

Hole 4

Par 4
Stroke Index 15
290m • 271m • 237m

We’d recommend a long iron or fairway wood to place the ball in the middle of the fairway, aiming slightly left and allowing the gentle slope to take the ball towards the middle.

You are then faced with a short iron to a well bunkered raised green. Fairly straight forward Par 4 and a definite birdie chance for the low handicapper.

Estepona Golf - Hole 5

Hole 5

Par 3
Stroke Index 17
157m • 144m • 134m

Lovely short Par 3 with an elevated tee looking over a large well bunkered green. Take one club less than you think, aim well and a par should appear on your card.

Note: Out of Bounds surrounds the hole, so take special care not to go long.

Estepona Golf - Hole 6

Hole 6

Par 5
Stroke Index 5
449m • 432m • 405m

Short Par 5. An easy tee shot to a wide open fairway, though a small water hazard awaits anything too far right. The second shot is more difficult as the closer you get to the green the narrower the fairway becomes.

Longer hitters will be enticed to have a go in two. Small elevated green with large bunkers placed left and right makes a tight landing area.

The greens on the whole course are normally in first class condition and are quick.

This particular green slopes from right to left so you could be faced with a tricky speedy putt or two.

Estepona Golf - Hole 7

Hole 7

Par 3
Stroke Index 11
174m • 156m • 131m

Good Par 3 of average distance. Well bunkered and a lot of dead ground in front of the green, so a good idea to take one more club than you think.

A large slope runs right to left across the green. You should aim for the right half of the green and allow the slope to do the rest, too far left of the green and you may have to reload as a ditch awaits. A par here is a good score for any level of golfer.

Estepona Golf - Hole 8

Hole 8

Par 4
Stroke Index 9
360m • 325m • 312m

Short Par 4 made more difficult by the fact that it is uphill for the first part. Many balls are killed by the slope leaving a longer distance into the green than the yardage suggests. Once on top a flat generous fairway awaits with a large sloping green to aim at. The green has many severe breaks, and from some areas can be a very tough 2 putt.

Note: There is a compulsory drop zone to the left side of this fairway for any ball coming to rest in the G.U.R. Free drop without penalty.

Estepona Golf - Hole 9

Hole 9

Par 4
Stroke Index 3
327m • 307m • 236m

A severe left to right dogleg, where your objective should be to reach the corner from the tee. Depending on the wind, it could take anything from a mid iron to a fairway wood.

This is a narrow fairway with a large bunker on the left. Aiming right should allow the bank to kick the ball back to the centre. A good tee shot may still leave a blind 2nd shot to a raised sloping green.

Be careful, as going long with the approach leaves an incredibly difficult chip or putt, where the combination of green pace and slope will give you mental images of Augusta National.

Estepona Golf - Hole 10

Hole 10

Par 4
Stroke Index  18
267m  • 247m  • 235m

The signature hole is a beautiful downhill short Par 4 with a green surrounded by water.

The tee shot is very straight forward if you choose to play safe with just a mid iron to the middle of a large fairway area, however you may feel at only 250 metres downhill with the wind behind that it is worth having a go with 3 wood or driver.

A straight one will make an eagle/birdie very possible but just slightly out and you could be looking at a 6

Estepona Golf - Hole 11

Hole 11

Par 5
Stroke Index 8
475m • 455m • 437m

Nice tee shot over a little water to a raised fairway. Keep it left and allow the slope to carry the ball into the middle which will leave a straight forward second shot to a generous fairway and a short 3rd to a raised, well bunkered green. Longer hitters will feel that this offers a good birdie opportunity.

Note: There is a compulsory drop zone to the left side of this fairway for any ball coming to rest in the G.U.R. Free drop without penalty.

Estepona Golf - Hole 12

Hole 12

Par 4
Stroke Index 16
313m • 275m • 253m

Short Par 4 with a wide open fairway, keep left and you will be have a short 2nd shot in to a narrow green. This sounds easy but do not be fooled by the distance and lack of hazards, as the fun begins on the green.

Being narrow and elevated it is always difficult to get your second close to the hole and the tendency is to go long leaving a treacherously quick down hill putt or chip.

Four here is a good score but you always feel like you should have done better…

Estepona Golf - Hole 13

Hole 13

Par 4
Stroke Index 2
345m • 320m • 284m

Great looking golf hole, all uphill and with a stunning mountain back drop it plays its entire yardage and more. Wide open fairway, but club selection is everything on the second shot as anything beyond the hole will make for a stressful time. The green slopes a lot from back to front and tends to be very quick. Par is always a very good score here.

Being narrow and elevated it is always difficult to get your second close to the hole and the tendency is to go long leaving a treacherously quick down hill putt or chip.

Four here is a good score but you always feel like you should have done better…

Estepona Golf - Hole 14

Hole 14

Par 3
Stroke Index 4
190m • 171m • 139m

This Par 3 is one of the most beautiful and difficult you will find anywhere. The Sierra Bermeja Mountain range sits behind whilst out of bounds runs all the way down the right hand side of the hole.

A narrow but long green awaits a great shot, however it has two tiers and is very quick so the fun is not over once you hit the green.

Not many birdies here, and par is a very good score for any level of player.

Estepona Golf - Hole 15

Hole 15

Par 4
Stroke Index 10
335m • 323m • 315m

Nice Par 4 with an elevated tee looking down a slight left to right dog leg. A feature of the hole is an enormous rock placed in the middle of the fairway which marks out the perfect line.

A good tee shot with a long iron or fairway wood will leave a mid iron in. Taking driver can leave a very short second, but invariably it will be off a downhill slope making it difficult to hold the green.

Although an easy hole on paper, it can be especially tricky when the wind blows.

Estepona Golf - Hole 16

Hole 16

Par 3
Stroke Index 14
185m • 165m • 152m

Another good looking Par 3, with a large sloping green which is surrounded by bunkers. Out of bounds runs the full length of the hole on the right hand side.

A well struck mid to long iron should leave you in the middle of the green with a straight forward 2 putt to follow.

Estepona Golf - Hole 17

Hole 17

Par 5
Stroke Index 6
512m • 502m • 482m

Long Par 5 that normally plays into the prevailing wind. From an exposed and elevated tee area you play to a wide open fairway that slopes from right to left.

Take care to keep right of the fairway when laying up with the second, as the slopes can push the ball towards the rough on the left.

There is a large bunker short and left of the raised green, which with large slopes from right to left and front to back it is very difficult to 2 putt.

Estepona Golf - Hole 18

Hole 18

Par 4
Stroke Index 12
304m • 292m • 280m

A short Par 4 on paper, but do not let that fool you as it requires some sound planning. A long iron or fairway wood is often the best tool as accuracy is paramount.

O.B. runs all down the right hand side and it has a narrow fairway. The second looks very inviting to the largest green on the course, but again it has a twist.

Depending on the pin placement the green holds many subtle breaks and it is easy to 3 putt. Full concentration required, don’t let complacency ruin your score at the end of the round.

Hole Par Mts S.I.
1 4 390 1
2 5 440 13
3 4 380 7
4 4 290 15
5 3 157 17
6 5 449 5
7 3 174 11
8 4 360 9
9 4 327 3
Out 26 2967
10 4 267 18
11 5 475 8
12 4 313 16
13 4 345 2
14 3 190 4
15 4 335 10
16 3 185 14
17 5 512 6
18 4 304 12
In 36 2926
Total 72 5893
Hole Par Mts S.I.
1 4 366 1
2 5 430 13
3 4 375 7
4 4 271 15
5 3 144 17
6 5 432 5
7 3 156 11
8 4 325 9
9 4 307 3
Out 36 2806
10 4 247 18
11 5 455 8
12 4 275 16
13 4 320 2
14 3 171 4
15 4 323 10
16 3 165 14
17 5 502 6
18 4 292 12
In 36 2750
Total 72 5556
Hole Par Mts S.I.
1 4 306 1
2 5 380 13
3 4 355 7
4 4 237 15
5 3 134 17
6 5 432 5
7 3 131 11
8 4 312 9
9 4 236 3
Out 36 2496
10 4 235 18
11 5 437 8
12 4 253 16
13 4 284 2
14 3 139 4
15 4 315 10
16 3 152 14
17 5 482 6
18 4 280 12
In 36 2577
Total 72 5073

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